reblog if this cat is prettier than you


reblog if this cat is prettier than you

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Do you see this? This is not okay.

UMG (Universal Music Group) is going around and blocking all Kpop videos to keep kpop strictly in Korea. Apparently, they don’t approve of the hallyu wave and just want kpop to stay Korean. Cube, so far, has had a lot of their videos blocked in certain countries, starting with the US and UK. Other countries will soon follow until all kpop videos are blocked in every country except for Korea.

What does this mean for our groups that strive overseas? Big Bang and 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, BoA, U-KISS, etc.

What’s going to happen to them?

I know one thing is for sure. International fans are going to be missing out on everything. Maybe we could still buy their albums or change our proxies so that Naver and Daum can’t tell our servers from a Korean one. But that’s all difficult and expensive stuff that we don’t want to do.

UMG is trying to keep Kpop from us, the people who make it popular in the first place. This means that kpop fans outside of Korea aren’t going to see those concerts in their cities/countries anymore. This is literally going to make all of those companies lose money, too.

What’s going to happen if UMG is successful is that international kpop fans are going to start decreasing little by little. The companies are gonna notice this and we’re going to start to see a decrease in promoting internationally like concerts in Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, US, South America, etc. With that, the online stores might even start to shut down which could make it nearly impossible to be able to buy kpop online. Then what? Kpop becomes non-existent? Not to those fans, like me, who will stay by their groups no matter what.

But do we really want that to happen? NO!

We are international fans and we are proud. Kpop has done miraculous things for us! It’s put smiles on out tear stained faces. It’s healed our emotional wounds, if not, it’s made us forget about them for a little while. It’s kept us from doing things we know we shouldn’t and things we know we should (like homework?). It’s given us joy, happiness, love, sadness, anxiety and most of all, life.

Our music taste isn’t just an opinion, it’s what makes us unique.

We are international fans and we will bring UMG down!

#GiveUsKpop !!

Go on any website that you are able to hashtag and always write #GiveUsKpop !!

Together, we can keep what we deserve!

Please reblog to help spread awareness!

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Fangirl who wants to marry to her idol

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Happy Birthday Lee Sungyeol!

Happy Birthday Lee Sungyeol!

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Happy Birthday, Lee Sungyeol (◕‿◕✿)

Happy Birthday, Lee Sungyeol (◕‿◕✿)

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